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Trends in Body and Bath Products

Bath and Body Products are a Sweet Indulgence

From the beginning of time, body oils, lotions and soaps have been coveted luxury items that offer users an indulgent respite from the day. Today, our fast-paced lives almost demand that we pause to rest and renew, therefore the use of body and bath products has never been greater. And, with the economic challenges many continue to face small indulgences, including bath accessories, that are high on the list of personal care items, as well as gifts.

Beauty Encounter shoppers can find high-quality, natural and eco-friendly ingredients when they purchase items such as colorful and fragrant body creams, bath salts and soaps. Its fun when they come attractively packaged, too. Handmade soaps, for example, may sell for more than $10 per bar, but because most come in their own box, or are wrapped with a pretty satin bow and an artful label, they make wonderful presents. Bath and body items are “the new wine,” and they make great hostess gifts.

Bath salts and gels are more popular than ever, providing a comforting and stress-reducing spa-like bathing experience, that includes the benefits of aromatherapy. Lavender-scented bath products are said to help calm and relax users.

After stepping out of the tub, cap off your bath with a rich moisturizer, such as TerraNova Shea Butter. Made of 10 percent butter, this restorative cream treats dry skin and leaves it looking younger and healthier. Infused with ingredients that include avocado and safflower oil, it’s a great cream for use during a massage. For a non-greasy treatment, try Perlier Olivarium, made with pure Mediterranean olive oil.

All-natural brands are important to many shoppers, especially in the bath category, because they come in direct contact with the skin. Be sure to check the label for ingredients you may be allergic to.

recent bath & body products product reviews

Functionality vs Everything Else
Functionality vs Everything Else By Heather The Magnificent from Middle America on 04/05/2014
Describe Shopping Style:Budget Buyer
What I Like:Effective, Great Value
What I Don't Like:Unpleasant Smell
Recommended Uses:Baths
Comments about Queen Helene Batherapy Sport Natural Mineral Bath, 454g/16oz:
I'm a pretty big fan of any sports bath product. I work out a reasonable amount...Okay, I work out enough to be sore when I do. So, sports bath is something I depend upon to make my wimpyness more bearable. Queen Helene does exactly what it says it will. It soothes achy muscles. 'Nuff said. The down side? It looks and smells like you're hanging out in a warm urinal with a freshly applied cake... The smell did it and I just can't go back. My condolences to her Highness.

For fans of powdery scents!
For fans of powdery scents! By Girl Next Door from Vermont on 03/30/2014
 Review of Bath & Body Works Moonlight Path (1 Review)
Describe Shopping Style:Budget Buyer
What I Like:Clean & Fresh, Draws Compliments, Great Smell, Great Value
What I Don't Like:Doesn't Last Long
Recommended Uses:Anytime, Casual Use, Evening Use, Winter
Comments about Bath & Body Works Moonlight Path, 3.0 oz Fragrance Mist:
Moonlight Path is a very powdery, aromatic floral scent. If that kind of smell normally isn't for you, I almost guarantee you won't like it. Personally, I like it a lot overall but I have to be in the right mood for it. I find that it smells best on me in the winter, especially in the evening. That is when all the best notes really come out. I recommend purchasing the travel size (3 oz) bottle as you will need to reapply fairly often; unfortunately it doesn't usually last long on me. However I've heard quite a few people say it lasts a long time on them; i guess it just depends on skin chemistry. Moonlight Path is a very popular scent from B&BW so chances are you're already familiar with it, but if you're not ,try to sample it somehow before buying as it tends to be a hit- or -miss.

Pure Product
Pure Product By Quietstormtay from Cleveland on 03/25/2014
What I Like:Great Smell, Great Value
Comments about C.O. Bigelow Essential Oil - Rosemary, 10ml/0.33oz:
This product is great for aroma therapy. It freshens a room moments after the carafe is lit.

Best Fragrance
Best Fragrance By C.A.T. from CA on 02/21/2014
 Review of Bath & Body Works Twilight Woods (1 Review)
Comments about Bath & Body Works Twilight Woods, 3.0 oz Body Lotion:
I have this lotion, and this scent is amazing. The smell is long lasting! Sometimes, I put it on twenty minutes before my shower and when I'm done with my shower, the scent is still on my hands!

Inflatable Bath Pillow
Inflatable Bath Pillow By Shopaholic from Coconut Creek, FL on 02/11/2014
Describe Shopping Style:Brand Buyer
What I Like:Functional, Great Design
Recommended Uses:Daily Use, Reduce Stress
Comments about Spa Sister Luxury Inflatable Terry Bath Pillow, Celery:
This pillow is great when you just want to "soak and relax". Put your head back, close your eyes and forget your worries!

Great smell, not so great as a moisturizer.
Great smell, not so great as a moisturizer. By Drichey from Greensburg, IN on 02/07/2014
Comments about Bath & Body Works Cranberry Twinkle, 8.0 oz Body Lotion:
I bought this for my wife after a friend wore it to work. I really liked the smell so I asked her what she was wearing. I ordered 3 bottles so she wouldn't run out for a while. The fragrance is really sweet and fruity. Sometimes I think it smells like bananas and sometimes I think it smells like one of those fruit rings cereals. Like other lotions from this line, it's not all that great as a moisturizer. It has to be applied frequently if you plan on using it for a hand or skin protectant, especially in situations where you need to wash your hands frequently. My wife is an RN and her hands get really dry from all the hand sanitizer she uses at work. She can't wear this to work, but she has used it at home when her skin was dry. I think that's the only negative comment she has made about it because her hands were dry again in about an hour. However, my wife doesn't mind that too much because it smells so good. I give it a 4 out of 5 because it earned brownie points with the wife!

Comments about Claudia Stevens Olive Oil Formula Body Lotion, 175ml/6oz:
I have bought this product for several years, but a year or so ago my neighbor needed some lotion, and I had an extra bottle so I gave it to her husband works at a super market in the frozen food section, and his hands were awful from the cold. When he used the lotion he said his hand felt better and looked better. She loved how l\much better his hands fellt. She keeps a bottle on her desk at work. I love this stuff.

MINI MASK? This is not a mask, mini or otherwise.
MINI MASK? This is not a mask, mini or otherwise. By purplepatty from miles city on 01/21/2014
Comments about Basicare Hot/Cold Gel Relaxing Eye Mask Mini, Cucumber:
This is no mask. There is nothing to hold it on to your head. It's just two little delicate pieces of plastic painted to look like cucumber slices. It doesn't stay on your head and there is no way to keep it on your head. It would be nice if it were a mask.

pumpkin delight
pumpkin delight By manuela from new mexico on 01/14/2014
Comments about Bath & Body Works Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin Body Lotion, 10.0 oz:
I use it everyday the aroma and fragrance have it in bath and body works year round instead of seasonally compliments from other people about the fragrance.

Fun and Flirty
Fun and Flirty By Whiteflowers from Houston Texas on 01/10/2014
 Review of Spa Sister Bouffant Shower Cap (1 Review)
Describe Shopping Style:Brand Buyer
What I Like:Functional, Great Value, Lightweight
Recommended Uses:Daily Use, Travel
Comments about Spa Sister Bouffant Shower Cap, Lingerie:
What great product keeps my hair dry looks adorable and comes in this fun lingerie pattern as well as other great ones like Leopard ! GROWL !!

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