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Luxor Professional

Luxor Professional produces professional-level hair care products that are used in salons, but also are sought after by consumers. Luxor hair products include brushes, combs, clips, pins, and other products to assist with hairstyling needs. A best-selling professional hair brush worth trying is the Luxor Wet Brush. It is loved by women, men, and children for getting out tangles without the usual pain that comes with it. This rubberized brush is great for detangling wet, damp, or dry hair. It can even be used on extensions and wigs. Luxor Bobby Pins are made with rubber grips so they slide in and out of hair easily. All Luxor Professional products are convenient to use, and designed to work without damaging hair.

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luxor professional
  • Cheap easy to use By Gbabe from BC, Canada on 09/16/2015
    Review of Luxor Pro Big Grips (1 Review)
    Comments about Luxor Pro Big Grips, Model No. 5125E - 12 Pack 3" Butter Clips:
    Easy to use, I have thick long hair and it works great. Will not break easily like other brands. The only thing I would change is the colour if they all came in black it would be so much better not into the colours
  • bonnets By aengus from massachusetts on 02/07/2015
    Comments about Luxor Professional Standard Satin Bonnet, Model No. 2446:
    nice bonnet, looking for them for my mom!
  • Great Razor Comb By Lizbethem from Cape Cod on 01/29/2015
    Review of Luxor Pro Razor Carbon Comb Set (1 Review)
    Comments about Luxor Pro Razor Carbon Comb Set, 3 Piece Set:
    I have cut my own short hair with a razor comb for years. When mine broke and I looked for one just like it, I had to look long and hard until I found it here. Since it was so hard to find, I bought two sets.
  • Excellent value! By Girl Next Door from Richmond, VT on 06/26/2014
    Review of Luxor Pro Freestyler Brush (1 Review)
    Comments about Luxor Pro Freestyler Brush, Model No. B830:
    This is a great brush! I usually find that my hair gets damaged easily but I can use this without worrying about it tearing or breaking. I also have hair that can get pretty frizzy and this brush does a good job of taming it and giving it a bit more life. I'm sure it would also work well on all hair types as it's very versatile and the bristles are strong and compact. I definitely feel like I got my money's worth on this. Recommended for women with any hair type.
  • These curlers are great!! By Mustang Lover from Rome Ga on 08/02/2013
    Review of Pillow Soft Curlers (2 Reviews)
    Comments about Pillow Soft Curlers, 8 Curlers:
    I use these quiet often,They curl your hair great gives lots of curl!!
  • perfect By makeuplisa from hartford on 03/07/2013
    Comments about Luxor Professional Vented Hot Roller Clamps, Model No. 5127:
    these are perfect clamps that held everything in place
  • easy to use By makeuplisa from hartford on 03/07/2013
    Comments about Luxor Pro Style Stix Rubber Rods 7/8 Inch - Purple, 2471P:
    this were very easy to use and very economical
  • wonderful By makeuplisa from hartford on 02/19/2013
    Comments about Luxor Professional 40 Bobby Pins Jumbo Size - Rubber Tips, Model No. 5153BR Bronze:
    This are wonderful and durable for updos and more extensive hairdo's.
  • Great Product By araigumabks from Salinas, CA on 07/09/2012
    Comments about Luxor Professional Brush & Comb Cleaner, Assorted Colors:
    It took a while to figure out which bristles to use for which part of my comb, but when I finally figured it out, my comb was clean in minutes!
  • Not a Happy Camper By lyndy2828 from Tustin, CA on 03/18/2012
    Review of Pillow Soft Curlers (2 Reviews)
    Comments about Pillow Soft Curlers, 8 Curlers:
    Unfortunately, these curlers just aren't cut out for my long thick hair. I'd need 10 times as many as I had to curl my entire head. It felt strange and I was quite unhappy with the result. I ended up with lumps of curls, rather than a smooth thick luxurious head of hair, which is what I normally have. Now I'm back to the cheap self-sticking kinds, the ones that are very uncomfortable to sleep in. Sorry, but I would not buy these again. I'll continue my search for curlers you can sleep in. I used to use those pink foam rollers, but in today's world they kept breaking apart and were very hard to re-connect. Another disappointment. I may have to go back to a curling iron.
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