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Kerstin Florian: The European-inspired Skin Care Enjoyed in Luxury Spas Around the World!


Every woman desires to have a balanced life, healthy well-being and of course, beautiful skin. With Kerstin Florian, the road to being beautiful inside and out is possible with their luxury skincare line and spa treatments. What makes the brand different from other luxury products and services is that aside from their marine, plant and advanced ingredients derived from botanical resources, Kerstin Florian promotes healthy mind, right nutrition, and regular exercise on top of proper skin care.

If you look at Kerstin Florian video review, you’ll notice why more and more women rage about the brand’s award-winning products. Kerstin Florian International not only provides you with top of the line products but they also build spas and treatment centers all over the world. These are made available to you while you jet set for a much-needed getaway. Travel to the most sought-after resort destinations and you’ll find a magnificent KFI spa waiting to serve you with opulent treatments.

Is flying to an exotic and expensive destination out of reach? Now you don’t have to travel far to experience what luxury treatment is all about. At Beauty Encounter, we provide you with a number of Kerstin Florian skincare products right at your fingertips. Kerstin Florian skin care line will transform your skin into the best state it could ever be, whether you’re a young lady on her teenage years or a woman battling with aging skin.

Kerstin Florian products are made for all individuals! And when we say ALL, we mean every skin color, race and age. Beauty Encounter has Kerstin Florian correcting skin care and body care for various skin problems such as fine lines, uneven skin color, blackheads, acne and scars, enlarged pores and more.

To pamper your skin with opulence for the first time, we recommend Kerstin Florian Caviar Skincare line of products. It is known worldwide that caviar is one potent ingredient used in luxury skincare. It’s purely natural and some are actually hard-to-find. If you’re after skin aging defense, picking caviar-infused products would be a great choice.

Start with Kerstin Florian Caviar Pure Luxury Kit. The four-piece set caters to a complete facial regimen: cleanser, mist, age-defense cream and night cream. The Kerstin Florian Caviar Creme Cleanser gently cleanses your face as its moisture-rich formula removes makeup, oil and dirt piled up in one day. While it’s tough on dirt, it will leave your skin nourished, soft and hydrated.

After cleansing, spray Kerstin Florian Caviar Rose Damascena Mist. This product tones the skin and at the same time, it maintains hydration on your face prior to application of moisturizer. Don’t forget to finish your morning routine with Caviar Age-Defense Crème which defies fine lines, wrinkles and dull skin. Experience a firmer and glowing face in this complete line. Try Kerstin Florian’s Caviar Eye Crème to instantly hydrate and nourish your delicate eye areas, to smooth out fine lines, boost firmness and reduce puffiness—an instant resilience for a brighter, smoother appearance that you’ll want to share with other beauty aficionados! Then, review and share what you love most about Kerstin Florian Skincare Collection at our Kerstin Florian Ratings & Reviews page.

Kerstin Florian skin care for spa isn’t just for the aging skin. As a matter of fact, women travel to spa locations just to experience an extravagant spa indulgence from Kerstin Florian. Whether you want to ease your jet lag or simply desire to stimulate your senses, every product can address any health, beauty or well-being concerns.

You may wonder if it’s really worth it to spend something lavish for a day or a few hours. But when you read Kerstin Florian’s reviews and ratings, you’ll only discover positive comments praising the brand for effective and timeless results. Have you ever wondered why Lauren Conrad, Kate Bosworth and Katherine Heigl remain young and ravishing all the time? That’s because they equip their beauty regimen with Kerstin Florian products.

It’s not just the face you have to focus on, but your body as well. Kerstin Florian body care comes with a choice of body scrubs, professional peeling kits, firming creams and serums. Kerstin Florian Brightening Body Scrub gently polishes and evenly scrubs your body for a better, brightened skin. Turn your own room into a spa with At-Home Professional Peel. Use the pads and instantly see the exfoliating action remove sebum and other skin impurities like magic. Tired of getting comments on sagging skin? Make people take back what they said when you use this Multi-Vitamin Firming Creme that has nutrient-rich algae extracts, fruit acids and antioxidant vitamins. Kerstin Florian just introduced an amazing new body care line, called Kerstin Florian Correcting Body Care, that delivers immediate, targeted results. This new Correcting Body Care collection comes on the heels of Kerstin Florian’s highly successful Correcting Skincare line. Kerstin Florian’s Correcting Body Care was developed as the solution-focused formulas to address brightening, exfoliation, slimming, firming and hydration with plant actives and technology. “The four-product line offers a unique, freshly aromatic home spa experience that will remind you of an authentic five-star spa treatment… unprecedented age-renewing solutions for the body!” - Kerstin Florian

If you want to speed up the resistance against skin aging, include in your skincare regimen the brand’s Serum C+ Infusion to help reduce fine lines as quickly as possible. The brand even prides their Kerstin Florian Hair Care line that includes shampoo and conditioner, specifically made to revive and rescue damaged hair.

It may take a lifetime to see the results of cheap skincare products, not to mention the damaging effects on your skin due to chemical-rich ingredients. But with Kerstin Florian, you’re assured to achieve efficient results with the help of their natural-enriched line of luxury creations. The balanced life, positive outlook and flawless face and body you’ve always wanted are all possible with Kerstin Florian. Fall in love with one of their award-winning products, available now at

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Kerstin Florian
Kerstin Florian
Kerstin Florian
  • 2014 Earth Day Beauty Award
  • 2014 Women's Health Future 50 Beauty Awards
  • 2014 Asia Spa Awards
Kerstin Florian
  • Kerstin Florian International is a Member of the Green Spa Network
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