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How to Achieve a Subtle Smokey Eye

How to: Achieve the perfect Subtle Smokey Eye

The new year is just around the corner and it’s time for a spruce in your makeup routine. theBalm has put together a simple how-to to help you transform one of the most popular eye makeup styles for a fresh and festive look. Follow the simple guide to create this great subtle smokey look that’s perfect for any upcoming festivities.

Step 1:
Apply Jet-Setting Jennifer, from theBalm's shadyLady Volume 1 palette, to the brow bone with Give Crease a Chance brush.
Step 2:
Define crease using Crease, Love & Happiness brush with Risque Renee eyeshadow from shadyLady Volume 1.
Step 3:
Blend Easy Wheezie eyeshadow (again, from shadyLady Volume 1) over Risque Renee using your Give Crease a Chance brush.
Step 4:
Use Schwing liquid liner to define lash line. Create a tight, thin line in the inner corner of the eye and widen the line as you reach the outer corner. Put a small amount of Schwing liquid liner on your Eye Believe liner brush and line the outer corner of your lower lash line.
Step 5:
Wiggle What's Your Type mascara in "tall, dark and handsome" into the base of your lashes and pull through the length of your lashes to separate and build volume.
Step 6:
Using your Blend a Hand brush, apply timeBalm anti-wrinkle concealer in your perfect shade below the eye to brighten and complete your look.
Step 7:
Bat those lashes and watch the boys melt...
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