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How To: Achieve a Bold and Lasting Look for Summer

The new season’s makeup trend is all about being bold. Stand out of the crowd by being more daring with your color pallet. Here from Nouba Cosmetics is Deborah DeGroff to guide us through a step by step on how to create a bold and sizzling look for the upcoming season with additional tips on how to make your makeup last throughout the day!

How to Achieve a Bold Look for Summer by Deborah DeGroff, National Distributor for Nouba Cosmetics.
Step 1:
Apply a veil of Staminal Foundation or Hydrostress Foundation on the eyelid to uniform the eye and to better adhere the color that will be applied subsequently. Touch Concealer or Staminal Concealer should be tapped gently under the eyes and then faded. Apply a thin layer of Magic Powder 19 to remove excess sebum from the eyelid. This will prevent the makeup you put aside the folds of the eye and will stand all day.
Step 2:
Apply the Eye Pencil 70 along the junction of the upper lashes.
Step 3:
Blur the obtained line together with Nombra Mat 402* trying to achieve the desired shape. This will serve to emphasize the eye and possibly to correct its shape to achieve the desired effect.
Step 4:
Work long the color with the aid of a brush to obtain a gradient shade.
Apply Nombra mat 401* under the eyebrow to accentuate the natural point of light of the eye.
Step 5:
Apply Eye Pencil 70 also along the hairline of the lower lashes and blend the stretch with a small brush.
Step 6:
Apply one of the many Rainbow Eyeliners to create a decided contrast.
Step 7:
Spread Cil Prodige Mascara perfectly on the entire lash length. Particular emphasis must be on the tip of the lashes. Apply Cil Prodige Lash Extension to the lash tips before the mascara dries. Repeat several times until the desired result for a sensational "false eyelashes" effect.

*Nombra eyeshadows can be used wet or dry to obtain highly modular color effect.
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