Hollywood Fashion Tape

Hollywood Fashion Tape
hollywood fashion tape
  • This stuff is fabulous! By ReneeP from Florida on 04/13/2016
    Review of Hollywood Fashion Tape (1 Review)
    Comments about Hollywood Fashion Tape, 36 Clear Double Stick Strips:
    This product is great for keeping my bra straps in place. It also helps keep my tops from shifting or showing too much cleavage. I just apply one side of the double-sided tape to the top side of my bra strap, and I press the other side to the inside of my top. This is a quality product and is designed well.. You get 36 pre-cut strips per container, and they come in a convenient little tin with a lid that can easily slip into a purse or overnight bag. The strips are a good length. I don't like attaching the strips to my skin, as my skin is sensitive, but they could also be used that way. This is a fabulous product, and I always like to keep some on hand.
  • It gets the job done By Heather the Great from Middle America, USA on 03/02/2014
    Review of Hollywood Hip Hugger (1 Review)
    Comments about Hollywood Hip Hugger, Navy:
    To be perfectly honest with you, this little item kind of snuck into my cart and I'd completely forgotten all about it until it showed up with the rest of my order. That said, I can't say I'm disappointed I bought it. I work at a place where dress code is pretty much determined by the boss' mood swings and one super whiny employee. So, one day you may be wearing t-shirts and jeans while the next day you're required to wear a button up and khakis. But, I digress... From birth, I am not a shirt tuck-er in-er. I absolutely hate it. But, when duty calls, I do what needs to be done. This little gem definitely comes in handy when you have to tuck. I don't have to keep tucking in my shirt after every time I lift my arms above my head because it actually cinches the back of my jeans to keep my shirt comfortably tucked and stuck. It works a charm although it does remind me a bit of my grandpa's suspenders. Luckily, worrying about being cool isn't much of a deal for me seeing as I don't much care...and I'm pretty awesome by default. Bonus: The grandpa shtick may influence your choice of show tunes and inclination to dole out old timey wisdom to others.
  • girly By makeuplisa from hartford on 02/17/2013
    Comments about Hollywood Fashion Secrets Spa Eye Mask with Gel Insert, Brown-Eyed Girl:
    this is so cute and girly! I tend to get puffy eyes so this mask helped to alleviate the amount while I was sleeping so I woke up looking refreshed
  • a foot treat By makeuplisa from hartford on 02/17/2013
    Comments about Hollywood Fashion Secrets Spa Gel Booties, Pink (Discontinued):
    wow! this is such a treat for my feet making them feel soft and smooth and dead skin free! I am pleased.
  • quick fix By makeuplisa from hartford on 02/17/2013
    Review of Hollywood Temporary Hem Tape (1 Review)
    Comments about Hollywood Temporary Hem Tape, 18 Strips:
    this was a great fix for me to use when my hem came undone on my pants, saved the day
  • a must for special ocassions By makeuplisa from hartford on 02/17/2013
    Comments about Hollywood Socialite Steal The Spotlight Kit, 3 Piece Kit (Discontinued):
    I gave these kits to all my bridesmaids for the wedding day, as their beauty bag, and they all loved it. the shimmer powder is light and not overwhelming and the fashion tape worked wonders.
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