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Featured Expert: Deborah DeGroff, National Distributor of Nouba Cosmetics

Makeup has the ability to transform and excite. From working out minor flaws to being able to enhance an entire look, knowing the right techniques as well as using great products can make a huge difference on the end result. Here from Nouba Cosmetics is Deborah DeGroff to tell us more about what the line has to offer and how it differs from other cosmetic brands on the market today.

What does "Nouba" stand for and what is the significance of this name?
The NOUBA name takes inspiration from the name of a central African people: the NUBAS paint the face and body with extraordinary colours and designs to celebrate rituals and daily event.
Is there a motto that your company goes by?
"NOUBA before it becomes fashion…"
As a forerunner, Nouba always offers outstanding products that reflect quality in every aspect - from design to the choice of ingredients and production methods - to ensure flawless performance. Nouba is developing unexpectedly bold colors, exclusive products, and innovative solutions able to make an impact on the market
Can you explain the choice of packaging? Why has the company stayed with such a simple and minimal look.
The minimalist and essential image uses an exceptionally sober packaging with new and specially designed graphics. Its straightforward and high impact logo conveys the company’s philosophy.
What makes the Nouba Professional Makeup line different from other beauty brands on the market?
The keys to success that have made Nouba a leader in the international market place, are:
- A professional approach created by professional makeup artists
- Color, innovation and versatility
- High-quality ingredients and formulas
- Wide range of products
- Professional packaging
- The greatest care and precision in continuous research
Are there any specific achievements that Nouba is especially proud of?
Nouba, through ongoing research, has developed new formulas and perfected a product so exclusive that it became a breakthrough success: “Terra Abbronzante” (bronzing powder). This was described by trade publications as the most important innovation in the last fifty years in the history of cosmetics. Nouba was able to coin a new word that previously did not exist: terra abbronzante (bronzing powder). Today, this term is indeed a household word.
What are some of your favorite Nouba products and why?
Divinouba enhances coverage. It is an innovative cosmetic uniformer of the skin which is formulated with advanced lipophilic powders and pigments that are technologically treated. When applied they enhance the natural glow of the face, thanks to the "soft focus" effect, an optical phenomenon that alters the visual perception of wrinkles. It is a powder and foundation in one product. The texture is silky and smooth and gives an amazing lifting effect to the face in few seconds. It is used as a base to realize an impeccable make-up. It provides a matte finish and it’s recommended for television and photography make-up because it does not reflect the light.
MILLEBACI - Extraordinary liquid lip colours, warm, brilliant and glamorous that make MILLEBACI unique. The texture makes a thin silken coat, rich of pure colour. It doesn’t smudge, it is not sticky, it lasts perfectly on the lips for many hours. For intense effect it has to be applied twice.
Is the Nouba line available worldwide?
Currently, the NOUBA Corporation exports in most of Europe, the Far and Middle East, as well as Russia, United States and in UK. It is distributed throughout Italy through its own commercial network in perfume boutiques and large-scale retail outlets where beauty and make-up artists offer their clientele the highest professional care.
Are there any projects or product launches that you are particularly excited for this year?
Style, rigour and pure elegance guide the selection of color combinations of exclusive Arabesque collection for spring summer 2012. This collection plays with nice color effects: pearly violet and blue play with mat purple and brown on the eyes thanks to the shades combination of TRE and QUATTRO eyeshadows. Lips are seductive thanks to new natural shades of Millebaci and the intriguing colors of ROUGE BIJOU. The new maxi baked earth powder NOUBATIK decorated with rich floral patterns has an extremely modular light texture: a single application is sufficient to achieve a natural tan.
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