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farouk systems
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Farouk Systems

Farouk Systems
farouk systems
  • CHI Infra Shampoo Moisture Therapy Shampoo By jvc99 from SA on 05/18/2014
    Comments about CHI Infra Shampoo Moisture Therapy Shampoo, 6.0 oz:
    This shampoo conditioned my hair and made it feel so soft. This product is absolutely the best I ever had.
  • no longer dry By Colleen from burlington on 02/24/2013
    Comments about CHI Infra Shampoo Moisture Therapy Shampoo, 6.0 oz:
    chi products are the best! my hair no longer feels so dry and brittle
  • best on the market By scarlet from houston on 01/27/2013
    Comments about CHI Infra Treatment Thermal Protective Treatment, 12.0 oz:
    I love Chi products, my friend who is a hairdresser swears by the brand. worth the price.
  • Smells terrible By Haircare Diva from Washington on 01/27/2013
    Comments about CHI Organics Australian Oil Hair Oil Treatment, 100ml/3.4oz:
    This product does everything it says it does. It is applied to towel dried hair and makes hair soft and silky. BUT it smells atrocious!!! I think it is supposed to be minty scented but quite frankly after smelling it for about 15 seconds it starts to smell like gas fumes to me. It's hard to explain but if I had known how bad it smells I would not have bought it!!! I normally use Enjoy dry oil for skin and hair and it is worth spending the few extra dollars. It is a better product with a much more pleasant smell.
  • Wonderful Product By Nikki from Dallas, TX on 08/23/2012
    Comments about CHI Silk Infusion Silk Recontructing Complex, 2.0 oz:
    CHI Silk Infusion Silk Recontructing Complex
  • Excellent Product By dancemom from Chicago, IL on 02/09/2011
    Comments about CHI Organics Mediterranean Oil Hair Oil Treatment, 100ml/3.4oz:
    I suffered from psoriasis of the scalp for 3 years. I tried numerous over the counter products, I even got a prescription shampoo...still no luck. My friend/hairdresser recommended this product and I started noticing an improvement almost immediately! I even applied it to a psoriasis spot on my leg and it is "healing" that as well. It may be expensive, however it does go a long way.
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