Discover why Dermblend Cosmetics is the #1 Dermatologist Recommended Camouflage Cosmetic Brand


Created in 1981 by a brilliant and thoughtful dermatologist named Dr. Craig Roberts who realized that many of his patients needed professional-grade coverage to mask a list of skin disorders and regain their confidence. He responded by launching DermablendTM Professional—a collection of super-high coverage foundations, concealers, and camouflage makeup that provides superior coverage without feeling heavy on the skin while also protecting it with SPF. For its high performance coverage, comfort feel, and skin-loving ingredients, Dermablend was quickly adopted as a superior cover-all of skin imperfections like extreme pigmentations, burns, scars, and dark circles and solidified Dermablend into a cult product of sorts.

Dermablend continues to be the professional skincare leader and expert for exceptional performance of Dermablend products in terms of coverage, wearability, and skincare benefits. Given the high performance wear and superior coverage, Dermablend still lives up to its original ambition and continues to be recognized by the medical community and professional makeup artists for the past 30 years as the #1 dermatologist recommended brand for effective corrective coverage.

Vichy Dermablend makeup and skincare lines were originally formulated for folks with minor to critical pores and skin imperfections or conditions like acne, dark spots, age spots, redness, rosacea, birthmarks, hyper-pigmentations, freckles, scars, vitiligo, tattoo coverage, and more. Regardless of the level of complexion flaws, Dermablend covers imperfections 2X more than the average foundation or concealer, even the most severe ones. An absolute favorite is the Dermablend Quick-Fix Concealer Stick, which is without a doubt one of the most versatile full coverage concealer in the market—trusted for covering all sorts of things, from hiding operation scars, black eyes, to covering tattoos up for friends before an interview and weddings to go to. It lasts for hours! Dermablend foundation will even out skin tone without blocking the pores. Skin is left looking luminous and even all day long without the mask effect, and with SPF protection. Using Dermablend setting powder can offer lasting coverage for up to 16 hours. Even more, all Dermablend products are non-comedogenic, allergy tested, fragrance free, and non-acnegenic, making Dermablend cosmetics suitable for all skin types, even sensitive and the go-to skin care for many needing serious skin coverage without added complications. Thanks to its high professional coverage, malleable and long-lasting foundation, Dermablend recreates healthy and beautiful skin.

Dermablend Tattoo Cover

Hide your skin imperfections and tattoos with Face & Body Makeup by Dermablend Cosmetics. Today, Dermblend's tattoo makeup is the go to tattoo makeup and camouflage coverage to hide cute tattoos to the biggest body arts. When should you conceal your amazing tattoos? For a job interview, some workplaces, or attending a wedding—even with extreme body art, Dermablend camo makeup now makes it possible to cover your tattoos with long-lasting, smudge-resistant tattoo makeup so they're virtually invisible.

Dermablend corrective cosmetic and tattoo makeup is also very popular to use in the theatre and film productions when high-level coverage is needed.

Cover-Up With These Dermablend Tattoo Makeup Favorites:

Dermablend Quick-Fix Concealer: When worn alone, it lasts for ages, but accompanying it with the Dermablend Setting Powder and it goes the distance, lasting up to an incredible 16 hours! It resists sweat, bathing and rubbing, even tears and only budges when you remove it with a cleanser. It's the peace of mind for those who are conscious about their complexion.

Dermablend Leg & Body Cover Full Body Foundation: Super highly concentrated camouflaging foundation used by both men and women for a localized application or for full body coverage foundation to expertly conceal all skin imperfections, (uneven skin, dark circles, redness, scars, tattoos, etc.). This is great stuff—light weight with a "soft focus", up to 16 hours of high coverage, with pigment concentration for a flawless coverage, and SPF protection. Used it to conceal some areas or apply it as a full on face or body foundation.

Dermablend Cover Cream Foundation: This product is also know as Dermablend Professional Cover Crème Foundation 1 oz. and Dermablend Cover Foundation Crème SPF 30, 1 Ounce. This new and lightweight crème formula is fused with high purity pigments, with natural skin tone shades and sun protection to deliver a look that is fresh, smooth, soft and with a long lasting color that will stay true all day long! Great for all skin types too—helps prevent sunburns, flawless and even complexion, and glides on evenly!

Dermablend Setting Powder: A loose setting powder that sets make-up and reinforces wearability. This must-have transparent powder works with all skin tones and types. With a smooth matte finish, it ensures smudge-resistance, superior wearability, and great glowing skin. Customers love it!

Dermablend Videos

Part of Vichy Cosmetics, DermablendTM Professional produced video ads that are inspiring, relatable, and genuinely real. Their inspirational makeup ads empower women and men to reveal their true beauty. The Dermablend videos feature true Camo Confessions of real people, facing real problems with major skin imperfections from acne, vitiligo (a skin condition that causes depigmentation of the skin), and extreme tattoo. The campaign uses makeup as a tool to help people look through their skin conditions and see who they really are as a person. Check out these inspiring Dermblend video campaigns in our VIDEOS section. Plus, get tips and tricks from Dermablend "how to apply" videos.

Dermablend Reviews

Not sure which Dermablend product is right for you? Read real customer reviews on Dermablend Cosmetics. All Dermablend reviews are all from unbiased customers who have purchased and tried each product. Our customers love sharing and informing fellow beauty buyers and we encourage you to explore their reviews and possibly submit your own honest Dermablend reviews.



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#1 Dermatologist Recommended Camouflage Brand
Dermablend has been recognized as an expert given the exceptional performance of it's products in terms of coverage, wear-ability and skincare benefits. High performance wear and coverage has ensured its well-known and renowned recognition by the medical community and professional makeup artists.
  • Great Product! By bakecake from Barcelona on 12/13/2014
    Comments about Dermablend Cover Creme Foundation, Natural Beige (Chroma 2 1/8):
    Reasonable Price, Good Quality, Will buy again
  • Good Product By Before and After from NJ on 07/17/2014
    Comments about Dermablend Leg & Body Cover Full Body Foundation, Natural:
    Nice product
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Dermatologist Tested, Allergy Tested, Non-Comendogenic, Non-Acnegenic, Fragrance Free, Smudge-Resistant and up to 12 hours of wear.
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