Claudia Stevens

Claudia Stevens
claudia stevens
  • Great Product! By LoveLove from NJ on 09/22/2014
    Comments about Claudia Stevens Face Fix Mix Redness and Rosacea Facial Cream, 42.5g/1.5oz:
    Strongly Recommend
    Comments about Claudia Stevens Olive Oil Formula Body Lotion, 175ml/6oz:
    I have bought this product for several years, but a year or so ago my neighbor needed some lotion, and I had an extra bottle so I gave it to her husband works at a super market in the frozen food section, and his hands were awful from the cold. When he used the lotion he said his hand felt better and looked better. She loved how l\much better his hands fellt. She keeps a bottle on her desk at work. I love this stuff.
  • Becoming hard to find! By neenie from dc on 01/10/2014
    Comments about Claudia Stevens Hair Highlighter, 7g/0.25oz - Purple:
    I am a retired grandma, and I love having pink, purple and blue hair. :) It looks great on my white hair, and comes out cleanly if I put gel on first.
  • great for beach season By scarlet from houston on 02/16/2013
    Comments about Claudia Stevens Body Fix Mix Stretch mark Smoothing Cream, 177.4ml/6oz:
    I use this every night after I've either taken a bath or shower. Its helps to smooth the skin and diminish the appearance of stretch marks. My skin has definitely gone through a change, and helps with the insecurity of bearing my legs during summer.
  • Great Product By shon b. from North Carolina on 10/29/2012
    Comments about Claudia Stevens Nail Fix Mix Fast n Easy Strengthener, 1.5g/0.05oz:
    I found this product by accident, and I am totally addicted to it. My nails are so strong, and do not break anymore. Great Product
  • magic! By violinist from boston, MA on 08/18/2012
    Comments about Claudia Stevens Nail Fix Mix Fast n Easy Strengthener, 1.5g/0.05oz:
    I use it every other day - and it made a huge difference! My nails are not breaking anymore! Excellent product!
  • Loved It!!! By mommyof1 from north carolina on 07/25/2012
    Comments about Claudia Stevens Body Fix Mix Stretch mark Smoothing Cream, 177.4ml/6oz:
    My friend and i bought it to test it out and see how it works. ive tried other stretch mark products and never saw results in the two years since i had my child. the cream showed results the very first time we both used it! we have found our new cream!
  • A great product! By Gingerale3 from South Florida on 07/10/2012
    Comments about Claudia Stevens Anti Feathering Lip Base, 4g/0.15oz:
    I buy this anti-feathering lipstick all the time. It works!
  • Convenient By Fighting my age from Saint Augustine, fl on 04/24/2012
    Comments about Claudia Stevens Makeup Before The Makeup Facial Prep Anti-Wrinkle Pen, 1.5g/0.05 oz:
    I really like this product. I find that its very convenient. I wear this when I'm out and my makeup has settled into my fine lines. I whip this out and dab it on and wallaaa. I stays on and fine lines smooth the rest of the night. I use other products to prime the under eye area before I put my makeup on the plumps the skin. I don't know why I don't just use this as a primer too but anywho it works great.
  • Lip Fix...NOT! By Lip Lover from San Francisco, CA on 02/14/2012
    Comments about Claudia Stevens Lip Fix Mix Overnight Lip Plumper, 13.5ml/0.46oz:
    I have been using this for 1 week now and it tingles, but I see absolutely NO results...I feel like its just water- I also wish the box came with some sort of instructions? It doesnt say how long before you see results. All it says is makes lips fuller... which it doesnt! Too bad it doesnt work, because for the price that would have been a miracle!
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