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recent barielle product reviews

Didn't work By Petite from UAE on 03/25/2013
Describe Shopping Style:Budget Buyer
Describe Skin Type:Hyperpigmented, Normal to Dry, Uneven Skin Tone
What I Don't Like:Ineffective, No Visible Results
Comments about Barielle Advanced Formula Porcelain Skin Whitening Cream, 70.8g/2.5oz:
I have used 3 tubes but didn't see any minor results. My skin has been severely exposed to the sun two years back causing dark spots here and there. I wasn't using sunblock back then so I guess why this cheap product won't work now.

barielle convert
barielle convert By makeuplisa from hartford on 02/17/2013
 Review of Barielle Shades Nail Polish (1 Review)
Comments about Barielle Shades Nail Polish, 5012 Curious:
after trying one of this nail polishes through a friend I've become a convert to this brand, chipping is minimal and I love their selection of colors. This color looked particulary good with my skin color and for a night out on the town

I love it
I love it By Mojo from New York on 08/29/2011
What I Like:Easy to Use, Gentle, Long-Lasting, Softens Skin
Recommended Uses:Daily Use
Comments about Barielle Extra Gentle Cuticle Minimizer, 14.1g/0.5oz:
This gel can be used as an integral part of a manicure or as a daily cuticle treatment. It's special, gentle formulation contains natural softeners to enhance the contour of the nail by minimizing hard cuticles, while also moisturizing those that are ragged, bitten or dried. Well maintained cuticles enhance nail growth. This Formaldehyde free formula penetrates thick, dry cuticles leaving them soft and transparent.

It works!!!
It works!!! By alicat from San Jose, PR on 03/27/2011
Describe Shopping Style:Brand Buyer
Describe Skin Type:Combination, Sensitive, Uneven Skin Tone
What I Like:Effective, Great Smell, Moisturizes Skin, Noticeable Results, Softens Skin
Recommended Uses:Uneven Skin Tone
Comments about Barielle Advanced Formula Porcelain Skin Whitening Cream, 70.8g/2.5oz:
I used it on my neck which was black stained and nothing really worked before and in 5 days the results where noticeable. And in a month I actually didn't have to hide my neck anymore but I suggest continuous use.

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