Top Selling Men’s Cologne in 2013

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It’s A Man’s World. Take One Home: Top Selling Men’s Cologne in 2013

It’s fascinating how men and women choose their fragrance based on their personality and lifestyle. While women own a variety of fragrances they enjoy changing from one season to another, men tend to choose their scent on a more personal level. Choosing mens cologne is a science. One brand of cologne may smell wonderful to one man while it may smell unpleasant to another. Moreover, wearing a trademark scent builds a man’s identity that women adore.

With thousands of colognes out in the market, how are you going to find the best cologne for men that will suit your body chemistry and your lifestyle? Mind you, it’ll take you days testing colognes alternately with coffee beans just to get the best scent for your taste. To make choices easier for you, we at Beauty Encounter narrowed down selections to 5 top selling colognes for men this 2013. From fresh picks to sophisticated must-haves, get your shelves ready for one aromatic quest.

Boss in Motion

Unleash that athlete in you with Boss in Motion by Hugo Boss for men. For a man who’s into sporty oriental scents, he will find a refreshing aroma in sweet and spicy oils with notes of orange, violet, basil, pink pepper, musk and sandalwood. Boss in Motion is set for the man with an active lifestyle and a restless energy. He dares to take challenges head on. Price: $42.00.

Givenchy Gentleman Only

Derived from the House of Givenchy’s classic fragrance Givenchy Gentleman, they released a new cologne in 2013 as a tribute to today’s illustrious man. He’s refined, elegant, and a true epitome of a gentleman: polite, chivalrous, and handsome. Givenchy Gentleman Only is a men’s cologne that is commands everyone’s attention. Price: $47.99.

Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio

A favorite of men and women alike, Giorgio Armani created a timeless blend of sweetness, sensuality, and masculinity in a bottle of Acqua Di Gio. Perfect for all seasons, a man who likes to envision the ocean breeze as it touches the skin will wear Acqua Di Gio over and over again. Women love to smell blends of citrus, rosemary, jasmine, and wood and ocean scents on their man and if you’re one who’s up for some long embrace, this is definitely for you. Price: $46.95.

Bvlgari Man

A crisp white button down shirt, black tie and black suit ensemble gets its final touch with Bvlgari Man. For someone elegant, a light oriental, woody fragrance is what you should be after. Bvlgari Man is subtle, not an attention seeker but worth every interest. Since the scent is not overpowering, it’s considered one of mens fragrances that you can wear everyday. Turn a simple clean shirt into a classy apparel with Bvlgari Man. Price: $32.00.

Gucci Pour Homme II

Gucci is the living trademark of a sophisticated, elegant, and remarkable man in the society. Gucci Pour Homme II is for the man with undeniable charisma, lively attitude, and a sense of adventure. He likes having a good time whenever possible. With its masculine scent combined with fresh greens, spices, tobacco leaves and musk, it’s the perfect cologne for young men who groom themselves to become a true-blood Gucci man. Price: $67.50.

2013 has brought a number of great cologne selections for different men. There’s always that distinct scent for a man who enjoys an active lifestyle, a laidback stance, or a commanding presence. Grab one of these top selling mens cologne and find deals and free gifts from Beauty Encounter.

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